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It is difficult to find an universal definition for "Peace". We understand peace not only in the form of absence of war but also social justice, non-violence and respect to other cultures, religions and nations. In other worlds, "Peace" means the absence of physical and structural violence inflicted by human beings: it is more than absence of war. Peace means a way of living together regardless of differences, in which people give their fellow creatures the space and, when necessary, the mutual support to live their lives to the full. This includes social justice, mutual respect, community spirit, a healthy environment and sustainable use of natural resources.

“Inner Peace” can be achieved by self-understanding, being mentally and spiritually pure and by sharing and giving to the society to the fullest. Volunteering is one way of giving our time and energy for the benefit of others without any financial benefit. Volunteering is also a way to understand our strengths and our limitations.

“Living and working together with people of different backgrounds helps volunteers to break down barriers and prejudices. It allows them to experience a world of mutual respect and understanding. In this sense, volunteering can be seen as a way of life - a demonstration of the possible reality of a peaceful and cooperative world”.


Social Media Training 20-26 AFebruary 2016, Hong Kong, hosted by SCI Hong Kong completed
Training on Planning and Fundraising
11-15 April 2016, Argentina, hosted by Subir al Sur completedLaboratory for tools and skills for Peace builders
from April 1st (arrival) until April 6th (departure) of 2016 in Athens, Greece, hosted by SCI Hellas
Training of Camp Leader Trainers from 11 - 17 April 2016, Athens Greece hosted by SCI Greece.
Study Session
What's next in advocacy and activism for Human Rights in the International Voluntary Service movement?
From April 24th (arrival day) until April 30th (departure day) of 2016, At the European Youth Center in Strasbourg, France
International Conference
17 to 23 June , Barcelona, Spain, hosted by SCI Catalonia
Asian Platform Meeting and Seminar
22 – 27/ July 2016, hosted by SCI Bangladesh

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